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School Nurses: Infectious Disease In School Age Children for Full-Time Employed Public School Nurses
Course Description

This course is designed to educate and enlighten school nurses in the vast scope of infectious diseases experienced by school age children and the various ways to prevent and care for these children.  This course will review the ways that infection spreads, various infection control measures and how caregiver and teacher health impacts student health, help you to realize what illnesses are reportable, and when a student should or should not be in school when ill.  We will look at the wide variety of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections and their signs and symptoms.  Included in the course, we will discuss the role of the School Health Consultant and how they may impact student health and wellness, and additionally, how they may be an important part of the Community School. 

As you work through the sessions of the course, you will develop your Course Project around how to prevent and control infectious disease, fitting the School Health Consultant piece into your school, and what you can do in your community to deal with an infectious disease issue through community education and public awareness measures. 

Course Syllabus