Important Information:

WVDE e-Learning for West Virginia Educators Summer 2018 Course Schedule
    Class Dates: May 9, 2018 to June 26, 2018
    Registration Dates: April 1, 2018 to May 8, 2018


Please reference the information below regarding WVLearns eLearning for Education course registration.

The following information will provide guidance regarding the application for a WVLearns online course account with the associate login and password required to access courses.
WVDE has moved to a single sign-on process for many of our online initiatives. To avoid the creation of multiple accounts, your next step is to go to and complete the information requested by WVDE Teacher Licensure and Effectiveness. The login and password you are assigned from this office will be the same login and password you use for WVLearns.
Your account will take 24 hours before it is activated.

Upon receipt of a WVLearns login and a password, individuals are to complete the following steps to complete registration for the WVDE WVLearns Initial Substitute training course as well as other WVLearns courses currently available for self-registration:

1. From the upper left corner of the screen locate and select “Self-Registration”

2. Review the list of courses and then select WVLearns Substitute Training Spring 2018 or another WVLearns Summer 2018 course

3. Provide the information requested on the registration screens

4. WVDE WVLearns Initial Substitute Online Training is provided at no cost to the course participant. If you are registering for a WVLearns course other than the Initial Substitute Training course, then please reference the WVLearns News link below for information regarding course cost.


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