County Board Offices

Wyoming County Schools
Po Box 69 - 19 Park Street Superintendent's Office
Pineville, WV  24874

Telephone: 304-732-6262
Fax : 304-732-7226


Wyoming County Schools Staff

Addison, Ricky - Carpenter II
Adkins, Greg - Bus Operator
Adkins, Jane - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Arkell, Rebecca - Speech Assistant
Bishop, Belinda - Aide IV
Bishop, Pam - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Blackwell, Frank - Superintendent
Blankenship, Vickie - Computer Operator
Bledsoe, Judy - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Boninsegna, Sandra - Secretary III
Bowyer, Penny - Aide IV
Brewer, Jeff - Director or Coordinator of Services
Brinkley, Tammy - Speech Language Pathologist
Brooks, Frank - Carpenter II
Brooks, Micheal - Carpenter II
Bullins, Joyce - Bus Operator
Cline, Amanda - School Nurse (AB)
Cline, Deirdre - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Cook, Kim - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Cook, Michael - Bus Operator
Cooper, Linda - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Dalton, Jaqueta - Bus Operator
Davis, Rhonda - Speech Language Pathologist
Dawson, Mary - Bus Operator
Dove, Serena - Bus Operator
England, Dan - Bus Operator
Fleenor, Kristy - Speech Language Pathologist
Fortner, Stephen - Electrician II
Furman, Wayne - Plumber II
Gibson, Harriett - Bus Operator
Green, Gary - Electronic Technician II
Green, Sue - Secretary III
Griffith, Tammy - Secretary III
Hall, Debbie - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Harper, Eula - Bus Operator
Harvey, Steven - Bus Operator
Hatfield, Summer - Bus Operator
Hatfield, Terena - Bus Operator
Hatfield, Tony - Mechanic
Hylton, Angela - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Hylton, Cathy - Secretary III
Hylton, Jeff - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Hylton, Robert - Bus Operator
Irick, Cathy - Bus Operator
Irick, Roger - Bus Operator
Irick, Tamberly - Bus Operator
Jones, Ashley - Speech Assistant
Keeney, Sandra - Director or Coordinator of Services
Kennedy, Angela - Bus Operator
Kennedy, Robin - Bus Operator
Kirkendall, Amy - Bus Operator
Lambert, Cindy - Bus Operator
Lambert, Steve - Foreman
Lane, Arlen - Bus Operator
Loving, Rhonda - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lusk, Danny - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Lusk, Linda - Secretary III
Lusk, Michele - Bus Operator
Lusk, Sandra - Bus Operator
Mann, Frank - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Marsh, Lola - Bus Operator
Martin, Jeffery - Mechanic Assistant
Maynard, Teresa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
McGraw, Cory - Carpenter II
McKinney, Charlene - Bus Operator
McNair, Judy - Secretary III
Miller, Vanessa - Bus Operator
Mitchem, Jeff - Bus Operator
Morgan, Emma - Bus Operator
Morgan, Greg - Bus Operator
Morgan, Sherry - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Muscari, Terri - Counselor, Combined
Norman, Sharon - Attendance Director
Olafson, Robert - Bus Operator
Owens, Russell - Plumber II
Parks, Larry - Electronic Technician II
Poindexter, Susie - School Nurse (AB)
Raye, Yvonne - Bus Operator
Reed, Ann - Secretary III
Reed, Ray - Bus Operator
Riffe, Jeffery - Lubrication Man
Rollins, Marci - Aide IV
Rose, Loretta - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Rose, Loretta - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Russell, Don - General Maintenance
Scott, John - Electrician II
Short, Jewell - Bus Operator
Shrewsbury, Ricky - Lubrication Man
Shrewsbury, Ricky - Roofing/Sheet Metal Mechanic
Shumate, Lorri - Bus Operator
Sizemore, Anita - Bus Operator
Sizemore, Gene - Heavy Equipment Operator
Sizemore, Regina - Bus Operator
Snuffer, Christine - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Stewart, Charles - Bus Operator
Stewart, Joe - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Stump, Katie - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Thomas, Rebecca - Aide IV
Thorn, Terry - Psychologist
Tilley, Rose - Bus Operator
Tilley, Terry - Supervisor of Maintenance
Toler, Lana - Bus Operator
Toler, Rhonda - Speech Language Pathologist
Walker, Sherry - School Nurse (AB)
Walls, Kati - Secretary - Executive
Walls, Lindell - Bus Operator
Weaver, Kathy - Bus Operator
Whitten, Melissa - Bus Operator
Wilcox, Cathy - Bus Operator
Wykle, Mary - Bus Operator