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WV School Directory

Barnes Learning Center (Alc)
100 Naomi Street
Fairmont, WV  26554-1834

Telephone: 304-367-2127
Fax : 304-367-2174
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 19 Staff Members

Davis, James - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Dzielski, Regina - Classroom Teacher, High School
Efaw, Marlena - Food Services Supervisor
Flowers, Tammy - Secretary II
Hearn, Timothy - Classroom Teacher, High School
Keener, Judith - Aide III
Kuretza, Mary - Counselor, High
Menear, Christa - Classroom Teacher, High School
Newsom, Roger - Classroom Teacher, High School
Oates, Travus - Principal, Middle/Junior High
Petonick, Collin - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Price, David - Classroom Teacher, High School
Retton, Donnie - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Retton, Jerry - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Sanson, Christina - School Nurse (AB)
Slamick, Timothy - Classroom Teacher, High School
Travelstead, Stephanie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Wolfe, Cora - Custodian II
Wolfe, Roger - Custodian III
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