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WV School Directory

Fairview Elementary School
Po Box 39 100 School Street
Fairview, WV  26570-39

Telephone: 304-449-1752
Fax : 304-449-1866

Grades : K-04
Enrollment : 153 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 24 Staff Members

Arthur, Diana - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Berry, Tammy - Cafeteria Manager
Coleman, Melvyn - Principal, Elementary
Cook, Debra - Custodian III
Demary, Dorothy - Aide II
Haught, June - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Henthorn, Teya - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Layman, Andrea - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Magaha, Shawna - Librarian
Nuzum-Craig, Kristen - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Orloff, Shawna - Cook I
Parker, Lacey - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Price, Andrea - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Radcliff, Cady - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Raschella, Debbie - Secretary III
Statler, Mindy - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Swiger, Brenda - Aide IV
Tennant, Joni - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Tennant, Randal - Painter
Tennant, Terri - Aide IV
Tiano, Sharon - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Toothman, Jennifer - Aide III
Walker, Stephanie - Speech Language Pathologist
Wilson, Lila - Cook II
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