WV School Directory

Chandler Academy
1900 School Street
Charleston, WV  25312

Telephone: 304-348-6133

Grades : 06-12
Enrollment : 146 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 31 Staff Members

Allen, Joella - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Anderson, Marcia - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Brown, Brian - Classroom Teacher, High School
Burgess, Tammy - Associate/Assistant Principal, Combined
Carter, Sheree - Classroom Teacher, High School
Chinnery, Lionel - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Facemyer, Lisa - Custodian III
Hairston, Leola - Classroom Teacher, High School
Hammond, Lana - Aide III
Hanchosky, Kevin - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Herbert, Victor - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Hughes, Delores - Cook III
Johnson, Robert - Classroom Teacher, High School
Kirby, Gloria - Custodian I
Lathey, Brenda - Aide III
Light, Rosemary - Clerk II
Long, Regina - Cook II
McClure, Donna - Aide IV
McCune, Elizabeth - Attendance Director
Meadows, Jeffrey - Classroom Teacher, High School
Miller, Claudia - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Montgomery, Larry - Aide II
Murray, James - Classroom Teacher, High School
O'Brien, Raina - Secretary II
Page, Dawn - Psychologist
Pettry, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, High School
Rawlings, Matthew - Aide III
Sadolf, Barbara - Counselor, Middle/Junior High
Serles, Odelia - Cook I
Walker, Billie - Counselor, High
Wilson, Wayman - Principal, Combined
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