WV School Directory

Broadview Elementary School
189 Circle Drive
Weirton, WV  26062-3003

Telephone: 304-723-2525
Fax : 304-723-1525

Grades : PK-04
Enrollment : 352 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://www.edline.net/pages/Broadview_Elementary_School


Staff Listing -- 40 Staff Members

Altomare, Kathryn - Aide III
Ball, Jonathan - Custodian III
Barnabei, Patti - Autism Mentor
Becca, Kayla - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Bennett, Deborah - Remedial Specialist
Bond, Rebecca - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Bryan, Lorie - Cook III
Burdette, Renie - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Carey, Patricia - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Devecchis, Sara - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Douglas, Sandra - Secretary III
Dulaney, Andrea - Principal, Elementary
Fair, Jamie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
France, Margaret - Aide III
Frey, Antonina - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Gianvito, April - Speech Language Pathologist
Haught, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Kane, Marianne - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Kaufman, Ashleigh - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Long, Edith - Aide II
Lusk, Sandra - Autism Mentor
Makricosta, Anthony - Custodian II
Mancuso, Robert - Speech Language Pathologist
Manley, Josette - Aide IV
Meador, Valerie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Miller, Elizabeth - Autism Mentor
Morris, Rose - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Patrelakis, Leslie - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Paul, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Piccirillo, Anthony - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Romitti, Linda - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Sanner, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Schultz, Patricia - Counselor, Elementary
Shenton, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Soplinski, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Taylor, Mary - Autism Mentor
Truax, Carmen - Aide III
Webb, Sherrie - Autism Mentor
Wetzel, Nancy - Cook II
Yobbagy, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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