WV School Directory

Guyandotte Elementary School
607 5th Ave Guy
Huntington, WV  25702

Telephone: 304-528-5128
Fax : 304-528-5151

Grades : PK-05
Enrollment : 259 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://boe.cabe.k12.wv.us/guyandot/


Staff Listing -- 32 Staff Members

Bane, Lorie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Beatty, Deborah - Aide IV
Blankenship, Carrie - Secretary II
Bowen, Deborah - Cook III
Chapman, Tedda - Paraprofessional
Edmonds, Carlie - Cafeteria Manager
Edmonds, Tom - Custodian III
Evans, Martha - Principal, Elementary
Farley, Linda - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Frye, Linda - Remedial Specialist
Gibson, Shirley - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Hodge, Rhonda - Cook III
Javorsky, Jordan - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Kelly, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Knight, Cherlye - Aide IV
Meadows, Denise - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Mitchell, Elizabeth - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Morgan, Ashley - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Moses, James - Custodian IV
Orsini, Vickie - Remedial Specialist
Patterson, Sandra - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Pellegrini, Julia - Speech Language Pathologist
Perdue, Tara - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Perine, Ellen - Remedial Specialist
Reed, Patricia - Librarian
Riffe, Roy - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Riley, Greg - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Runyon, Jennifer - Aide III
Russell, Mary - Remedial Specialist
Shultz, Karen - Autism Mentor
Stotts, Kelli - Counselor, Elementary
Thompson, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
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