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The Six Levers of Continuous Improvement

Creating Community

  • develops relationships and collaborative partnerships
  • practices skillful and intentional listening
  • displays a consistently trustworthy and credible demeanor

Establishing Focus & Coherence

  • seeks strategic, data-based focus
  • fleshes out the most important
  • steers away form overload
  • connects instruction to well-developed goals

Supporting Change

  • engages educators in transformational learning (change) and/or additive learning (implementation of strategies or skills)
  • anticipates resistance
  • uses reflective questioning
  • is facilitative, not demanding

Building a Collaborative Culture

  • facilitates collaboration through teaming processes
  • focuses efforts on continuous improvement
  • promotes consistent collection, analysis, and utilization of data as well as systematic documentation

Maximizing Capacity

  • promotes collective leadership & data-informed decision making
  • supports team leaders with teaming processes & effective questioning techniques
  • encourages accountability through transparency of practice

Growing Professionally

  • continues to learn through data-based reflective coaching practice and networking with peers through a community of practice
  • models a culture of learning