Doddridge County High School Auditorium

            1 Bulldog Drive

            West Union, West Virginia

            May 15, 2008




I.                                                                      Call to Order


            President Delores W. Cook called the meeting of the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) to order at 10:12 a.m. on May 15, 2008, in the auditorium of Doddridge County High School, #1 Bulldog Drive, West Union, West Virginia.


            The following members were present:  President Cook, Vice President Priscilla M. Haden, Secretary Ronald B. Spencer, Robert W. Dunlevy, Barbara N. Fish, Burma Hatfield, Lowell E. Johnson, and Jenny N. Phillips, and ex officio Steven L. Paine, State Superintendent of Schools.  Student representative in attendance was Stephen Stolzenberg of Morgantown who attends Morgantown High School.  Members absent were Gayle C. Manchin, and ex officios Brian E. Noland, Chancellor, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, and  James L. Skidmore, Chancellor, West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education. 


II.                                                                        Welcome


            Mrs. Janice Michels, Superintendent of Doddridge County Schools, welcomed the Board and introduced Doddridge County board members, principals, county office staff, Doddridge County student council members and honored guests.


III.                                                                    Recognitions


            The Board recognized Ms. Mickie Ann Richardson, teacher at Parkersburg South High School, recipient of a 2007 Presidential Award for Science.


IV.                                                             Approval of Agenda


            Upon motion by Dr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Spencer, the Board unanimously approved the agenda.


V.                                                                  Consent Agenda


            Mrs. Fish moved that Consent Agenda item 12. Policy 4336, West Virginia School Bus Transportation Policy and Procedures Manual, be removed from the Consent Agenda for further discussion.  Mr. Spencer seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.  Upon motion by     Dr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Dunlevy, the Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda as amended.  (Copies appended to Official Minutes, Attachments A through L, Mc and N.)

·         Meeting minutes of April 9 and 10, 2008  (Attachment A)


·         Budget supplement and transfer requests for the month of April 2008 as follows:   total supplements = $17,963,255 and total transfers = $14,733,512 (Attachment B)


·         Amendment to the Kanawha County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan to include the relocation of two portables from Sissonville Middle School to Tyler Alternative School and two portables from Overbrook Elementary School (one each) to Holz Elementary School and Kanawha City Elementary School  (Attachment C)


·         Amendment to the Tyler County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan to include the replacement of exterior doors at Arthur I. Boreman Elementary, Sistersville Elementary and Tyler Consolidated High/Middle Schools, the replacement of HVAC units at Arthur I. Boreman Elementary, Sistersville Elementary and Tyler County Preschool, and the construction of an addition to Arthur I. Boreman Elementary to include three classrooms with restrooms (Attachment D)


·         Notification, per Senate Bill 227, W. Va. Code §18A-4-7a, Transfer of Teachers After Five Days Prior to Starting Instruction, from Preston County Schools  (Attachment E)


·         Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need policy for Wyoming County Schools  (Attachment F)


·         An additional 37 county applications representing summer school at an additional 18 county locations  (Attachment G)


·         Attendance waiver requests for the Center for Professional Development's Principals Academy for Robert Archer, Huntington High School, Robert Brown, Shepherdstown Middle School, and Zachary E. Shutler, Triadelphia Middle School  (Attachment H)


·         West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission Series 1 (at section 6.3), Series 2, (at sections 3 and 7), and Series 3 (at sections 7.2, 7.3, 10.1, 23.2.1 and 23.9.2) on public comment for 30 days  (Attachment I)


·         Policy 2436.10, Participation in Extracurricular Activities  (Attachment J)


·         Policy 2520.16, Alternative Academic Achievement Standards for West Virginia Schools on public comment for 30 days  (Attachment K)


·         Policy 2520.19, 21st Century Advisor/Advisee 9-12  Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools on public comment for 30 days  (Attachment L)


·         West Virginia Annual Application Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as Amended in 2004 for Federal Fiscal Year 2008 for submission to the Office of Special Education Programs, United States Department of Education  (Attachment Mc)


·         The accreditation status as listed in the individual school report for Dunbar Primary Center and Stonewall Jackson Middle School and continued the Full Approval status of the Kanawha County School System  (Attachment N).


VI.                                 Policy 4336, West Virginia School Bus Transportation

                                                          Policy and Procedures Manual


            Mr. Ben Shew, Executive Director, WVDE Office of School Transportation, answered questions regarding the proposed amendment of Policy 4336 at section 15 with regard to medical personnel qualified to perform physical examinations. 


            Mrs. Fish moved to amend the policy to allow only medical doctors (MDs) and osteopathic doctors (DOs) to perform physical examinations.  Ms. Hatfield seconded the motion.  Ms. Phillips requested clarification as to whether federal law requires the definition as stated in the policy and, if so, what impact the Board might expect if the definition is altered.  Following discussion, Mrs. Fish withdrew her motion and Ms. Hatfield withdrew her second.  It was the consensus of the Board that action on this matter is tabled until additional information can be provided regarding the qualifications of medical personnel allowed to perform physical examinations.  (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment M.)


VII.                                                                      Reports


            Board Member/Committee Reports.  President Cook, Dr. Johnson, Ms. Haden, and Mrs. Fish (requested the Board set the October meeting for October 8 and 9 to accommodate planning for a reception with the West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards), provided information regarding their participation in a number of meetings and events. 


            State Superintendent’s Report.  Superintendent Paine presented Department personnel actions for the Board’s information and discussed a number of meeting and events that have occurred or are planned, provided updates regarding Lincoln, Mingo and Calhoun Counties, and requested the Board’s support of a pending legislative request for supplemental funding for additional broadband, discussed redesigning the evaluation process for county and school personnel, and incentives for school-wide achievements/growth models.  It was the consensus of the Board that Superintendent Paine proceed with a study of incentives for school-wide achievements/growth models.    (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment O.)


VIII.                                                     WVBE Personnel Matters


                Upon motion by Dr. Johnson, seconded by Ms. Phillips, the Board unanimously approved the Board’s personnel items.  (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment P.)


IX.                                              Board Items for Future Consideration


            President Cook recognized Mr. Stolzenberg for his service to the Board as the student representative to the Board during the months of March and May.


            President Cook thanked the Doddridge County School District for making the meeting such a wonderful success.  President Cook requested that members wishing items to be considered for placement on a future agenda to be provided to her, Superintendent Paine or Dr. McClanahan as soon as possible.


            President Cook requested an update regarding the Board’s strategic plan to be placed on the June agenda.  Mrs. Fish requested that the Board set the dates for the October 2008 meeting as soon as possible.  (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment Q.)


X.                                                                  Future Meetings


            The next regular meeting of the Board will be held June 4-5, 2008 at the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind in Romney, West Virginia.


XI.                                                                   Adjournment


            Upon motion by Dr. Johnson, seconded by Ms. Phillips and unanimously carried, the Board adjourned at 12:02 p.m.


                                                            Minutes approved by the Board on June 5, 2008.





                                                            Delores W. Cook, President





                                                             Ronald B. Spencer, Secretary



   Minutes were recorded by

         Virginia M. Harris

Executive Secretary to the Board.