Nicholas County Schools

Nicholas County High School Auditorium

30 Grizzly Road

Summersville, West Virginia

May 12, 2004


Call to Order

President Sandra M. Chapman called the regular meeting of the West Virginia Board of Education to order at 1:35 p.m. on May 12, 2004, in the auditorium at Nicholas County High School, 30 Grizzly Road, Summersville, West Virginia.

The following members were present: President Chapman, Vice-President Barbara N. Fish, Delores W. Cook, Priscilla M. Haden, Burma Hatfield, Lowell E. Johnson, Paul J. Morris, Ronald B. Spencer and ex officio David Stewart, State Superintendent of Schools. Members absent were Secretary Sheila M. Hamilton and ex officos J. Michael Mullen, Chancellor, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, and James L. Skidmore, Chancellor, the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical Education.



Gus Penix, Superintendent of Nicholas County Schools, welcomed the Board to Nicholas County and introduced local board members and staff.



Vice-President Fish recognized Mr. Morris who has been selected to receive the National Association of State Boards of Education's (NASBE) Distinguished Service Award for 2004. The award recognizes state board members for outstanding contributions to public education. Mr. Morris will be honored on October 23, 2004, during NASBE's 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.


Approval of Agenda

Upon motion by Vice-President Fish, seconded by Dr. Johnson, the Board unanimously approved the agenda as presented.



Pamela S. Cain, Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Instructional and Student Services, Jan Barth, Executive Director, and Paul Kirk, Coordinator, Office of Student Assessment,

provided an update which included an on-line demonstration of the WESTEST website. (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment A.)


Policy 2422.7 - Standards for Basic and

Specialized Health Care Procedures

Rebecca King, Coordinator, Division of Instructional and Student Support Services, presented Policy 2422.7 for the Board's consideration. Policy 2422.7 establishes guidelines and standards for providing care for students with health care needs in West Virginia public schools. The policy governs the use of the referenced Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual for West Virginia Public Schools, which is used by the certified school nurse to assure safe and consistent health care procedures. Both the policy and manual are reviewed by the Council of School Nurses every two years as required by W.Va. Code 18-5-22 and then submits suggested revisions to the West Virginia Board of Education for consideration. Current suggested revisions will improve the clarity of policy language, update existing procedures and add new procedures to the manual. (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment B.)


Policy 2320 - A Process for Improving Education -

Performance Based Accreditation System

Kenna R. Seal, Director, Office of Education Performance Audits, distributed a corrected version and presented Policy 2320 for the Board's consideration. Policy 2320 must be amended to bring it into compliance with House Bill 4001. Following discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that this item would be moved from the New Business portion of the May 13 agenda to the Consent Agenda. (Copy appended to Official Minutes of May 13, 2003 at Attachment D and addendum.)


Coordinated and Thematic Science (CATS) Curriculum

Dr. Cain, Brenda West, Assistant Director, and Judy Feil, Coordinator, Division of Instructional and Student Services, distributed and discussed the results of a survey, conducted last year, regarding the CATS curriculum. Following discussion it was decided that: 1) Dr. Stewart and Department staff would provide additional information, as it becomes available, and make a recommendation for the Board's consideration at a future meeting, and 2) the public would be properly advised of the Board's action regarding the CATS program. (Copy appended to Official Minutes, Attachment C.)



President Chapman called for a break at 4:02 p.m.


Call to Order

President Chapman called the meeting back to order at 4:20 p.m.


Strategic Planning Report

Ms. Haden addressed the Board regarding a perceived need for standard operating procedures and suggested that a committee be formed to develop such procedures or, conversely, that a Board retreat be scheduled to include discussion of standard operating procedures and other appropriate topics. Other topics of discussion included the election of officers, West Virginia Board of Education Policy 1241 - Notice and Conduct of Meetings, and responsibilities of the Board under the West Virginia Code. Following discussion it was requested that the informal handbook, provided to all members upon their appointment to the Board, as well as a training handbook provided by Howard Seufer, Esq., at the June 2003 Board retreat, be provided to select members.


Future Meetings

The next regular meeting of the Board will be held May 13, 2004 at Nicholas County High School, Summersville, West Virginia.



Upon motion by Ms. Haden, seconded by Mrs. Cook and unanimously carried, the Board adjourned at 4:49 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on June 10, 2004.


Sandra M. Chapman, President

Sheila M. Hamilton, Secretary

Minutes were recorded by

Virginia M. Harris

Executive Secretary to

the Board.