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West Virginia Board of Education

MISSION The West Virginia Board of Education establishes policies and rules to assure implementation of West Virginia's Education goals and to ensure the general supervision, oversight and monitoring of a thorough and efficient educational system.


The West Virginia Board of Education will provide a statewide system of education that ensures all students graduate from high school prepared for success in high-quality postsecondary opportunities in college and/or careers.


The future quality of life for the citizens of West Virginia is directly linked to the performance of our students. Today's students are tomorrow's wage earners and taxpayers. Low student achievement levels, decreasing graduation rates and ranking among the nation's lowest levels of post-secondary transition are all bleak predictors of West Virginia's future. We must strive to prepare our graduates to meet the requirements of high quality jobs needed within West Virginia and nationally. In addition to career preparedness, many systemic public issues like obesity, drug dependence, teen pregnancy, and crime are statistically linked to the overall level of education. Thus, unless our education system improves and our young people are prepared to be productive and responsible members of our society, the state will have decreasing resources to support the infrastructure and services essential to attracting economic growth and elevating the overall quality of life of its citizens.

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