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Working Productively

Working productively is not always an easy task. You must realize that in a group of several people working for the same goal, there will be many individual differences and a lot of dynamics within the group that will sometimes be positive while at other times be harmful to the common goal. Working productively means that you are working as a group to achieve a task effectively. Employers today expect employees to work as members of a unit. They expect individuals to share ideas and efforts to accomplish a common goal. You should remember that every member brings a different point of view and you will need to listen carefully, with an open mind to the opinions of others. Working productively with others means listening to all points of view, exploring options that each member brings to the group, and then coming to a consensus for the best solution.

In order to work effectively as a group or unit, individuals must understand how workers are different in the ways they react to different situations and assume different roles in working toward a solution in the workplace. Before a person can decide what roles they assume, s/he must determine what traits they show when working in a group. Let's take a look at some common traits.


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