Capitol Building 6, Room 353

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East

Charleston, West Virginia

September 12, 2019 - 9:00 a.m.




Welcome - Pledge of Allegiance - Introductions - Call to Order




David G. Perry, President






Approval of Agenda - (Action)




David G. Perry







Remarks from Governor’s Office, Legislative Leaders, and Leaders of State Education Associations/Organizations - (Information)




David G. Perry




















Consent Agenda - (Action)







Approval of Minutes - (Action)

Attachment A







It is recommended that the minutes of the August 14, 2019, meeting of the WVBE be approved.








Routine Business









WVDE Personnel Matters - (Information)

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Steven L. Paine










Waivers of State Board of Education Policies and Regulations, Superintendent’s Interpretations, State Statutes and Legislative Rules - (Information/Action)






Carla Warren










Cabell, Kanawha, and Putnam County Schools have requested a waiver of Policy 2445.40, Instructional Resources.






Cabell County’s waiver (#1425) will allow Spring Hill Elementary the use of CKLA/Amplify instructional material for grades K-5.






Kanawha County’s waiver (#1428) will allow the use of Kanawha County created instructional resources for 6th grade Social Studies, 7th grade Social Studies, and Civics.






Putnam County’s waiver (#1424) will allow the use of U.S. History American Stories, 1st Edition published by National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning for 6th grade students in all middle schools.










Marshall County Schools (#1427) has requested a waiver of Policy 2520.3C, Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for Science in West Virginia Schools. The waiver will allow the Microbiology course as a lab-credit elective in science










It is understood that the persons submitting waiver requests #1424, #1425, #1427, and #1428 will be responsible for an appropriate evaluation designed and implemented and the results reported to the WVDE. Any continuation will be contingent on clear documented data showing the WVBE standards were met.










Jefferson County (#1429) and Mercer County Schools (#1430) have requested a waiver of Policy 2510, Assuring the Quality of Education; Regulations for Education Programs, section 7.5.c.8.A.






The waivers will waive required professional development for one AP® instructor at Jefferson High School (Jefferson County) and one AP® instructor at Pikeview High School (Mercer County). Due to a scheduling conflict and job placement after the summer 2019 trainings, the instructors were unable to attend the 2019 AP® Summer Institute. Both instructors will attend required AP® training at the 2020 AP® summer training session.











The waivers and waiver criteria have been reviewed by WVDE staff and are recommended for approval. 










Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage - (Action)

Attachment C





Heather Hutchens










Pursuant to W. Va. Code §18A-2-3, Gilmer, Hampshire, Lincoln, Logan, Monongalia, Roane, Summers, Wetzel, and Wyoming County Schools and the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind have submitted a policy for the WVBE’s approval.










It is recommended that the Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage policies for Gilmer, Hampshire, Lincoln, Logan, Monongalia, Roane, Summers, Wetzel, and Wyoming County Schools and the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind be approved.










Approval of Local Board of Education Policy for Dual Credit - (Action)

Attachment D





Jan Barth










Policy 2510, Assuring the Quality of Education:  Regulations for Education Programs, section 5.4.g.3. “County boards of education shall adopt a policy that allows students to earn credit for completion of college courses and other advanced courses outside the school setting.  If these courses, including dual credit courses, are used to meet graduation requirements, the county policy and alignment documentation must be reviewed by the WVDE and approved by the WVBE.”  Clay County has submitted a new policy and Doddridge County has submitted a revised policy (see attachment) for dual credit courses for the WVBE’s approval.










The dual credit policies submitted by Clay County and Doddridge County have been reviewed by WVDE staff and are recommended for approval.










West Virginia Educator Preparation Program Review Board (EPPRB) Recommendation of Addition to Teacher-in-Residence (TIR) Program for Glenville State College - (Action)

Attachment E





Michele Blatt










Policy 5100 provides guidelines and procedures for the approval of new and continuing educator preparation programs of study leading to licensure in West Virginia and also for Teacher-in-Residence Agreements with WV school districts. Policy 5100 supports the intended collaborative process to improve educator preparation programs and potential educators by incorporating program guidelines based on research and best practices. Support of continuous improvement and clear and consistent guidelines to West Virginia educator preparation programs will produce more effective educators in WV schools, resulting in increased student learning in the classroom.










In August 2019, EPPRB members agreed on a recommendation of approval to the WVBE of Glenville State College’s addition of a TIR Program with Berkeley County.










It is recommended that the WVBE accept the EPPRB's recommendation of approval of Glenville State College’s addition of a TIR Program with Berkeley County.










West Virginia Licensure Testing Directory - (Action)

Attachment F





Michele Blatt










The WVBE required licensure exams for educator certification and completion of WVBE approved programs leading to West Virginia licensure directory is maintained on the WVDE website.  Additional test and/or scores have been changed to reflect updates in policy and exams. The validity period for the previously listed test and/or score shall be one year from the effective date of the new test and/or score. Exception: tests and/or scores shall remain valid for twelve months after completion of an approved program for licensure where the applicant was continuously enrolled even if the test and/or score has changed. 










Innovation in Education Act Update - (Information)

Attachment G





Jan Barth










This update provides information on eight schools, selected eight years ago, to be an Innovation in Education school. These schools had one of the following principal focuses: 1) STEM; 2) community school partnership; 3) entrepreneurship; 4) career pathways; and 5) the arts. 








2018-2019 West Virginia Schools Balanced Scorecard Results - (Information/Discussion)



 Michele Blatt






Policy 2322, West Virginia System of Support and Accountability, and the West Virginia Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan holds schools and districts accountable annually for multiple measures of student achievement.  Results are reported each year on the West Virginia Schools Balanced Scorecard.   School and district results for the 2018‑2019 school year will be available no later than September 12, 2019.






New Business







New Data Collection: Career Technical Education (CTE) Credentialing Data - (Action)

Attachment H




Kathy D’Antoni








The Offices of Career Technical Education and Governor’s Economic Initiatives (offices) propose collecting information about credentials or certifications students earn while participating in CTE programs of study, including program-specific and universal certifications. Additionally, to assess eligibility for the Governor’s Workforce Credential, the offices propose recording the dates on which individual students voluntarily participate in any random or elective drug testing as part of their CTE courses or programs of study.  W. Va. Code §18‑2‑5h.  Student Data Accessibility, Transparency and Accountability Act, requires that new student data proposed for inclusion in the state student data system be announced to the general public for a review and comment period of at least 60 days.








It is recommended and a motion is requested to place the new data collection for CTE credentialing on public comment for 60 days.








WVBE Personnel Matters - (Action)

Attachment I




David G. Perry









[WVBE personnel matters may involve an Executive Session as provided in W. Va. Code §6-9A-4(b)(2)(A) [personnel exception] and/or §6-9A-4 [matters involving attorney‑client privilege per Peters v. County Commission, 205 W. Va. 481 (1999)].  The Board majority must vote to have an Executive Session.  (No action will be taken in Executive Session.)]









It is recommended and a motion is requested to approve WVBE personnel matters found in the attachment.






Superintendent Report - (Information)






WVBE Member Updates - (Information)






West Virginia’s Voice:  Teacher Panel - (Information/Discussion)




Jan Barth, Facilitator






West Virginia’s Voice continues its momentum with a number of educator panels over the coming months.  Teachers, principals, and superintendents from across the state will be invited to discuss standards, curriculum, Policy 2510 (including math requirements), teacher accountability, and recommendations to strengthen public education.






Items for Future Meetings - (Information)




David G. Perry






Future Meetings - (Information)




David G. Perry






The next regular meeting of the WVBE will be held October 9, 2019, in Harrison County, West Virginia.




Adjournment - (Action)