The Transition to Teaching Process

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a teaching career in public schools will find the following document to be helpful. The TtT Process Guide for the 2014-2015 school year explains this alternative certification route's progression from start to finish. It details how candidates may first analyze their eligibility and then begin searching for jobs in participating school districts. Once all of the process guide's components are successfully completed, candidates who have been recommended and sponsored by a county, have secured employment in their designated teaching path, and have been fully accepted by the partnering institution of higher education and WVDE will become official participants of the Transition to Teaching Program.

Review the 2014-2015 TtT Process Guide


To find information about program requirements for the 2015-2016 school year, please return to our website in the near future. You may also contact Robert Mellace at the Office of Professional Preparation, West Virginia Department of Education.

Individuals possessing a background of military service, please visit the West Virginia Troops to Teachers website to analyze your eligibility for additional benefits.

For more information about Transition to Teaching, please contact us.