Would YOU like to learn about dozens of FREE tools for your classroom?

  • Combine all the pictures your students take (on separate devices) and turn them into a massive collage or a seamless panorama with PhotoSynth and ICE.
  • Avoid copy write issues and foster creativity with Microsoft SongSmith
  • Free graphing calculators for all forms of mathematics, with answers AND with the steps used to solve the problems with Microsoft Math 4.0.
  • Share notes with your staff and students with Microsoft OneNote
  • Update your PowerPoint skills with pptPlex and Mix.
  • Breathe life back into some old equipment you have lying around with Mouse Mischief.
  • Don't just learn the tools, learn to integrate them successfully into the classroom.

Become a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE)

After successful completion of the course, you will be authorized to call yourself a "Microsoft Innovative Educator." You will have access to the training materials and you will join a network of other Innovative educators around the globe.

MIE Training Options

Training can be brought to your location at no cost

  • Find a minimum of 10 colleagues who would like to attend the training.
  • Find a location. This could be a school computer lab, a RESA, even a conference room or classroom would work as long as everyone has a computer.
  • Get approval from your administration, TIS, county professional development coordinator and any other involved party.
  • Contact Mark Moore (mramoore@access.k12.wv.us) to arrange a schedule.
  • The training works in 1/2 day increments. We can learn a little in a half day, more in a full day. There is enough information to cover several full days.

Training can be virtual

  • Train yourself on your own schedule by watching the MIE videos on this page.
  • (Note: teaching yourself does not include the MIE certification. This is only if you want to learn the tools without getting the title.)

Come to a training in another district

  • At this time we have no schedule set, but there appears to be a great deal of interest.
  • At this time we have no budget for this endeavor so we have no information on travel reimbursement, stipends or any other monetary considerations.
  • Watch this space for future announcements.

Watch these tools in action!