Online Learning

In today’s flat world, where the global economy, international competitiveness, and fluctuating standards of living are major concerns in maintaining US leadership, a world class educational system is imperative. In West Virginia, that translates into equity of access to quality instruction for 21st century (and beyond) learning for every student. Considering the demographics of our state, coupled with the needs of digital learners in today’s classrooms, quality instruction is essential to serve our students and meet the constitutional mandate for a thorough and efficient educational system. eLearning technologies help bridge the barriers of time, distance and inequities for all West Virginia students by providing expanded access to instructional resources.

Traditional instructional delivery methods often fall short in situations where instructor and students are separated by time and/or distance. "Distance learning" refers to the nontraditional delivery of instructional opportunities in such situations. Delivery technologies can include, but are not limited to, phone conferencing, videoconferencing, web conferencing, use of web-based digital content, and satellite.

West Virginia provides students and educators a variety of eLearning opportunities including:

WV Virtual School The West Virginia Virtual School was created within the West Virginia Department of Education by the Legislature to provide a variety of high quality, technologically delivered courses for preK-12 public school students. Currently, more than 270 courses in the Arts, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages are offered by 11 course providers. 

onTargetWV, recently introduced by the WV Virtual School, is a credit recovery program that allows students to recover credits needed for graduation. The new onTargetWV program offers rigorous credit recovery courses with additional scaffolding to sustain learning and help develop skills and work habits that contribute to continued academic success. These courses are engaging, interactive, and provide differentiated instruction to supply the extra support students need to be successful.

WVLearns Via this gateway, the West Virginia Department of Education realizes its vision of creating and centralizing many learning options and resources for students, parents, teachers, school personnel and WVDE staff. Information to request a new account or retrieve a lost password can be found here.

eLearning for Educators helps bridge the barriers of time, distance, and inequities for all West Virginia teachers by providing extended access to professional development opportunities. This initiative provides West Virginia educators with quality professional development opportunities designed to address content knowledge and the skills required to improve student performance.