Job Opportunities

West Virginia's county school districts require support from a wide variety of qualified professionals to provide a high quality education for our students. Here, you are provided with a description of each school district, the WVDE K-12 Job Bank (for reviewing job vacancies) and links to individual school district homepages where potential employees may access each county's unique application process.

Finding a job in West Virginia is typically a 3 step process:

  1. Communicate with a county school district to identify their needs for personnel.
  2. Correspond the county school district's personnel needs with permits, authorizations or certifications of which you may hold or begin working to acquire licensure that will meet posted qualifications. See the educator preparation section of our website to access information about educational career paths.
  3. Search for job vacancies and apply for jobs on the county school district's homepage. While the K-12 Job Bank is an excellent place to begin your search, the site may not include all available job postings. Applications must be submitted directly to the county school district in order to be considered for employment.

Below is a map of West Virginia provided as reference for county locations.
West Virginia

To review job opportunities in each school district, select a county from the list below and visit their homepage or contact the district's office of personnel / human resources.