Laundry Day

Laundry Day is a strategy in the formative assessment process mentioned by Cassandra Erkens in her article entitled "Scenarios on the Use of Formative Classroom Assessment" (2007).  This is a strategy where students evaluate their own learning in preparation for a chapter or unit test.  They group themselves in the classroom around four different kinds of laundry detergent: Tide, Gain, Bold and Cheer.  In their chosen corner they will work on activities to enrich or improve their understanding of the required content.  The teacher can readily assess the students' level of understanding of the basic concepts covered in the unit or chapter.  The teacher provides support as needed, as well as help being provided by students who are sure they have mastered the content.  None of the work generated during this time counts as a grade, but students are scaffolded to increase their chances of success on the upcoming test.

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Scenarios on the Use of Formative Classroom Assessment  (See page 4)


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