Four Corners

Four Corners is a quick strategy that can be used effectively in the formative assessment process for gauging student understanding.  It can engage students in conversations about controversial topics.  The four corners of the classroom can be labeled as Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.  Present students with a statement, like "All students should wear uniforms to school," and have them move to the corner that expresses their opinion.  Students could then discuss why they feel the way they do.  The teacher can listen to student discussions and determine who has information to support their opinion and who does not.  Another way to use Four Corners is associated with multiple choice quizzes.  Label the corners of the classroom as A, B, C and D. Students respond to a teacher-created question by choosing the answer they feel is correct.  They must be able to give a reason for their answer.


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