Appointment Clock


The Appointment Clock is a simple strategy in the formative assessment process that can be embedded within a lesson.  The teacher directs students to find thee people with whom to schedule appointments at the quarter hour, the half hour, and the 45-minute mark. The teacher begins the lesson and provides information to move students to higher-order thinking.  The teacher determines the stopping point and asks students to meet with their quarter hour appointment to discuss their thinking about a couple of questions the teacher has posed.  The teacher walks around and listens to the conversations taking place between partners, noting any misconceptions or misunderstandings.  The teacher uses this information to adjust instruction by redirecting the next segment of the lesson.  Students meet with their half hour appointment and the teacher conducts the same informal observation and adjusts the third section of the lesson.  Students continue this process until the lesson is complete.  By structuring a lesson in the manner, the teacher is able to determine the current level of understanding for the class and for individual students, and make immediate adjustments to instruction to assist students in their learning.


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