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The West Virginia Support for Personalized Learning (SPL) framework is a statewide initiative that suggests flexible use of resources to provide relevant academic, social/emotional and/or behavioral support to enhance learning for all students. SPL is characterized by a seamless system of high quality instructional practices allowing all students to sustain significant progress, whether they are considered at-risk, exceeding grade-level expectations or at any point along the continuum.


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The West Virginia Department of Education is committed to providing support and information for the effective implementation of the Support for Personalized Learning framework. The goal of this website is to provide resources and tools to practitioners and families in order to support successful implementation. This site is under construction and will continue to evolve.

SPL in West Virginia

What is the West Virginia Framework?


How can I find out about SPL professional development opportunities?

What are the Essential Components of Support for Personalized Learning?




What can further define the RESA's current level of implementation?

SPL in My District

What can further define the district's current level of implementation?

SPL in My School/Classroom

What can further define the level of current implementation in my school?

What is legally required of my school?

What can further define the level of current implementation in my classroom?

SPL and Specific Learning Disabilities Eligibility


What is Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) eligibility?





  • Key Facts - Specific Learning Disabilities
    April 2012 - Document
  • Layers of Support for Personalized Learning
    April 2012 - Document
  • Inclusion of RTI in SPL
    April 2012 - Document


How does SLD eligibility fit with a school-wide SPL system?