ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF SPL - Family and Community Partnerships

atom redFamily and Community Partnerships

When families, schools and communities work together, children are more successful and schools improve.  Effective partnerships include parents, families, students, community members and educators.

Indicators of an effective partnership include: 1) sharing information; 2) problem-solving; and 3) celebrating student challenges and successes.

Central to effective partnership is the recognition of shared responsibility and shared ownership of student challenges and successes. An effective educational partnership that includes parents, families, students and community members is necessary to increase success of students and schools. True collaboration must include parents and families in the educational experience. Parents have information and expertise with regard to their children beyond what schools will know. They are able to share history and significant events that have occurred in the life of the child or family. Parent involvement in the multi-leveled framework of SPL is characterized by meaningful two-way communication. Schools must empower parents and families as equal partners in support of their children’s learning, informing them of intervention options for their children before they are implemented. Given it may be a new experience for parents or guardians to be involved in planning customized instruction and progress monitoring, special care must be taken to inform them about the steps in the process to ensure engagement. Understanding and respect for cultural differences is vital when engaging families and fostering community support and should be taken into account in customized plans. Schools need to recognize that cultural understanding requires more than just awareness.

The school must provide written information to the parents addressing the concerns and needs of their student(s). At the CORE level, parent involvement in school decision- making leads to a more positive school climate.   At the TARGETED and INTENSIVE levels, parent expertise regarding the individual student is vital and some portions of the intervention may take place at home. Members of the student’s family may provide information about the student’s functions in a variety of settings and strategies that will lead to improved student outcomes.

Family and Community Resources

Presentation Materials

  1. Sign-in Sheet
  2. The SPL Parent Brochure (Apoyo para el Aprendizaje Personalizado)
  3. The SPL - Parents as Partners PowerPoint slides
  4. The Parent Support for Early Literacy PowerPoint slides
  5. Handout and Activities to accompany the Early Literacy presentation
  6. Administration Protocol for Survey
  7. Post-training Parent Survey




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