Cindy Burke   Sherrard JHS   What's My Line?
Lesson Plan Video Clip

Brenda McBrayer   Special Education Class   Becoming Problem Solvers
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Lisa Wyatt   Hurricane High   How Tall is the Flagpole?
Lesson Plan Worksheet Video Clip

Gretchen Shaffer   Morgantown High   Depreciation of Automobiles

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Gretchen Shaffer   Morgantown High   Becoming an Architect

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Kim Hughes   Broadview Elementary   Data Collectors: Gathering and Recording Information

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Data Collector's Rubric         Math Station Rubric

Shelley Frye   Alban Elementary  
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Grab Some Time    My Saturday Sample

Saturday Flip Book     Rubric     Thing I Do Template

Neil Reger  Buckhannon-Upshur High School     The Pool is Cool  Algebra II PBL

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