§126-192-1   General


1.1.            Scope- This policy develops a process for the hiring of prospective employable professional personnel.


1.2.            Authority- W.V.  Constitution, Article XII, §2 and W.V. Code § 18A-2-5 and § 18A-2-3.


1.3.     Filing Date- November 9, 2000.


1.4.     Effective Date- December 9, 2000.


1.5.     Repeal of former rule- None. This is a new rule.



§126-192-2 Definition


2.1.            Prospective employable professional personnel means certified     professional educators who:  have been recruited on a reserve list of a county board; have been recruited at a job fair or as a result of a contact made at the job fair; not obtained regular employee status through the job posting process provided in W.Va. Code §18A-4-7a; and have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education within the past year.



§126-192-3 Hiring Process

3.1.             A county is eligible to hire prospective employable professional personnel only if the county’s net enrollment during the current year is more than 100 students greater than the fourth year prior to the current year.


3.2.            A county on its own may hire prospective employable professional personnel only when the county board has: given the superintendent general approval to employ the personnel on the reserve list; given general approval as to the form of the contract; and has approved the number to be hired from the reserve list.

3.3.            If a county does not meet the eligibility requirements listed in 3.1, the State Board may give the county permission to hire prospective employable personnel through a waiver process. In the waiver letter to the State Board, the county superintendent and the current president of the county board must jointly request the waiver.  The waiver letter should list current vacancies in professional positions and set forth the need to recruit teachers in specific subject matter areas. The State Board may not approve waivers for prospective employable personnel more than 25 per county.  


§126-192-4   Annual Report


4.1. The State Board must annually provide the Legislative Oversight    Commission on Educational Accountability with a report on the number of counties participating in this program, the number of personnel hired, the teaching fields in which they were employed, the place of residency of the personnel hired and the Board’s recommendations with respect to the entire program.