Literacy Framework

Beginning Literacy Framework

The Beginning Literacy Framework by Karen Erickson, Caroline Musselwhite, and Ruth Ziolkowski (2002) focuses on reading needs for students with significant disabilities:

  • Materials that Match their Ability
  • Opportunities to Read (including both light and high-tech materials)
  • Standards-based Materials

This framework helps educators choose and create books that match needs of students for enrichment, transitional, and conventional texts.

Quality Indicators for Providing Literacy

The draft Quality Indicators for Literacy Access (Significant Disabilities) was developed through the Louisiana Department of Education. The document, in draft format, is designed to provide guidance to educators and families on the provision of literacy opportunities for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Indicators are organized in the following areas: assessment, IEP, instruction, evaluation, administrative support, professional development, and resources. This document will be revised in the near future after input from LEA personnel has been received.

Websites, Blogs, Wikis and Nings Resources

This document, Websites, Blogs, Wikis, and Nings, contains a list of helpful websites related to literacy access for students with significant disabilities. Also provided is a description of each site.

Literacy Resources

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Literacy for Persons who are Deaf-Blind