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Special Education

Director's Memos


*2014-2015 Special Education Data Collections and Reports

* End-Of-Year Reports Special Education FY 14 Memo

* Census of Children with Deafblindness - Memo
Instructions for completing WV Deafblind Census
Census form

* Annual Data Report of Personnel Employed - Due Date Extended to May 15, 2014
See instructions at Data and Reports

* FY 14 Out-Of-County Memo and Application

* FY 14 Out Of State Application
FY 14 Out of State Memo
Link to Out-Of-State web page

* 2013-2014 Special Education Standard Codes

* High Cost High Acuity Reimbursement Application

* Educational Interpreters June 2013

* Special Education PreK Enrollment May 2013

* Parent Notice and Consent to Access Public Insurance (Medicaid)
* Parent Notice form
* Consent form

* Clarification Regarding Local Maintenance of Effort

* Notification of Change in Indicator 3b (March 30, 2011 memo)

* Changes In WV Educational Environments For SWDs Ages 3-5

* Attaining Foreign Language Credit for ASL for Deaf Students

* Transitioning Part B Preschool Students with Cochlear Implants

* Creative Curriculum.net

* Mandatory Use Date for WVDE Online SB-IEP

* Admission Procedures for the WV School for the Deaf and Blind

* Transition Collaborative Community

* Changes to CEIS

* Transition Collaborative Community of Practice

* Teach-IEP Memo 4-2009

* Policy 2419 Levels of Need and Case Management 3-2009

* Health Check Screening Clarification 3-2009

* Revisions to IDEA 2004 Regulations