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Getting Started
Adding Your Account to your Mobile Devices
Adding Office 365 Apps to your Mobile Devices
Getting Office 2013 on your Personal Computers
Password Reset Tutorial
Don't Just Sit on your Apps
Did You Know?
Trivia Quiz


Video Channels
Office 365 Video Channels
Video Channel Settings and Controls


Groups - Introduction * New *
Groups - Creating Groups
Groups - Adding Memebers
Groups - Calendar
Groups - Edit and Delete a Group
Groups - Files and Notebooks

Groups - Conversations


Skype for Business 2015
Skype for Business 2015 - Versions Skype Meetings - Getting Started
Skype for Business 2015 - Getting Started Skype Meetings - The Meeting Space
Skype for Business 2015 - Chat Skype Meetings - Presenting Material
Skype Meetings - Tips and Tricks
Skype for Business 2015 - Technical Stuff  
Skype for Business 2015 - Skype Meetings  
Skype for Business 2015 - Tips and Tricks


Outlook 2013
Email Junk and Clutter
Contact and Distribution Lists
Outlook 365 - Attachments


Sway Lesson 1 - Introduction
Sway Lesson 2 - Adding Content
Sway Lesson 3 - Toolbars
Sway Lesson 4 - Emphasis, Accents and Focus Points
Sway Lesson 5 - Adding Content from my Computer
Sway from Beginning to End
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Calendar Lesson 1 - Creating an Event
Calendar Lesson 2 - Inviting Someone to your Event
Calendar Lesson 3 - Using the Scheduling Assistant
Calendar Lesson 4 - Adding and Subscribing to Other Calendars (including a neat trick about football calendars)
Calendar Sharing


OneDrive Lesson 1 - Introduction
OneDrive Lesson 2 - Creating Content
OneDrive Lesson 3 - Uploading Files
OneDrive Lesson 4 - Sync
OneDrive Lesson 5 - Sharing Files
OneDrive, Delve and Boards
Delve and Privacy


OneNote Lesson 1 - Introduction
OneNote 2013Lesson 2 - Getting Started
OneNote 2013 Lesson 3 - Screen Clipping
OneNote 2013 Lesson 4 - Send to OneNote
OneNote 2013 Lesson 5 - Searching
OneNote 2013 Lesson 6 - The Insert Ribbon  
OneNote 2013 Lesson 7 - Page Templates
OneNote 2013 - Adding A Calendar
OneNote 2013
OneNote 365 - Web App


How to Mix








#1 ) Get Your Account

Adult Accounts

K-12 Student Accounts


#2) Get Your Software

Getting Set Up


#3) Get Configured

Set Up your Devices and Move Your Files


#4) When Things Go Wrong

What to do when things don't go smoothly


#5) Tips and Tricks

Finding neat tricks


#6) Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions raised in training and from support phone calls


Office Web Apps

Access Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote online


Outlook 2013

Share, schedule and manage more effectively



Store all your notes and information



Polish documents on all of your devices



Unlock insights and tell the story in your data



Convey your story



Communicate and collaborate more effectively anytime, anywhere



Collaborate within your network



View, schedule and respond



Create desktop databases



Make your work shine



Your Online Storage


Mobile Devices

Android, iPad, iPhone, Surface and other mobile devices


For the Mac

OneNote and other resources for the MAC



Installs, upgrades, security


Microsoft IT Academies

Get Certified


Microsoft Innovative Educator

Invigorate your classroom


Microsoft Partners in Learning Network

Join a global community



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