If You Are In High School, The NGA Wants To Know What You Think

May 17, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. – This week the National Governors Association (NGA) is kicking off Rate Your Future Week. Governors from across the U.S. are urging teenagers to log on to www.rateyourfuture.org so every high school student can graduate better prepared for college or a high-skilled job. “Getting feedback directly from our students about their high school experiences will enable us to improve schools so that every student is on track for personal prosperity and success,” said Governor Joe Manchin. “I hope students will take advantage of this chance to tell state and national education officials what they think about their future and how our high schools can help them reach their goals.” The survey is part of the NGA’s "Redesigning the American High School" initiative. The survey is an opportunity to bring the student voice into the education reform debate and help governors gain valuable insight into today's high school experience. Governors want to hear if students think high school is relevant to their own futures. This survey is about getting all students -- the overachievers, underachievers and everyone in between -- involved in this dialogue. “It is so important to hear directly from high school student regarding their education and I expect the Rate Your Future survey will prove to be a powerful tool in our efforts to better prepare students for their professional lives, ” said State Superintendent of Schools David Stewart. “In addition, The West Virginia Board of Education recognizes the importance of high school reform and recently created a task force to study high school reform in the Mountain State.” The West Virginia High School Taskforce is one of many actions the state is taking to improve the quality of education provided to students. This group is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the status of high schools and creating a vision and goals for grades 9 – 12. The group will ultimately provide recommendations for revising or developing state polices to ensure alignment with the vision and goals. Rate Your Future Week runs from May 16 – 20, 2005. NGA will release the survey's final results shortly before the nation's governors gather in Des Moines this summer for the 97th NGA Annual Meeting.  


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