Fulbright Teacher Exchange Announces Two Opportunities for Teachers and Administrators

May 03, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. - The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program has two exciting programs available to teachers and administrators this year.  

Teachers and administrators with general proficiencies in Spanish and strong cross-cultural skills are invited to apply as teacher trainers for six weeks this summer in Uraguay.  

This program will provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to enhance cooperation and strengthen mutual understanding among educators in Uruguay and the United States. The exchange is designed to create strong linkages between participants and communities, to promote innovative ideas in teaching and programs and to ensure a long-lasting impact on participating schools both in Uruguay and the United States.  

During the stay, U.S. exchange participants will plan and conduct teaching activities for local teachers, students, and the community at large. They will address such topics including the following: U.S. teaching methodology; Parent Teacher Associations; volunteer involvement; and conflict resolution. U.S. participants will also teach English to students and teachers, hold seminars for teachers of English as Second Language and develop joint educational projects.  

The deadline for application is May 27, 2005. The dates for the program are July 11 August 20, 2005.  

A second opportunity is extended to U.S. school administrators at the elementary, middle and high school levels to participate in a two-way exchange program with their counterparts from Argentina. The U.S. participants would host Argentine administrators for three weeks in November 2005 and travel to Argentina for three weeks in July 2006. Spanish fluency is preferred, but not required.  

This exchange will provide the opportunity to enhance cooperation among school administrators in Argentina and the United States. The major objectives are to strengthen Argentine school systems by gaining insight into the workings of U.S. counterparts, with particular attention to innovative management techniques; to identify common problems in institutional culture and analyze solutions; to build institutional networks between schools and school districts; and develop projects to improve school management.  

The deadline for application for application is June 3, 2005. November 2005 -- Argentine administrators travel to U.S. for three weeks in November 2005, while U.S. administrators will travel to Argentina for three weeks in July 2006.  

For more information about both of these opportunities, visit http://www.fulbrightexchanges.org/View/ViewOtherOpps.asp

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