West Virginia Board Of Education Seeks Comments On Two Education Policies

March 17, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education placed two policies out on comment during its March Board meeting.  

Policy 6200: Handbook on Planning School Facilities is out on comment for 30 days. Policy 6200 is being revised to change the requirements for constructing school facilities with more emphasis on indoor air quality, determining that current regulatory requirements are met and that the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers design perimeters are maintained.  

Policy 2422.5: Substance Abuse and Tobacco Control is also open for comment for 30 days. Policy 2422.5 outlines preventive and protective measures for addressing substance abuse and prohibiting the use or distribution of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs within school settings and activities. Both policies are in need of revision for alignment with Policies 2422.8, Medication Administration, and 4373, Student Code of Conduct. Through the revision process, it has been determined that the two policies should be combined because the content is similar and the communications and enforcement issues for each policy could be consistent. This proposed combination of policies would require that existing Policies 2422.5, Substance Abuse, and 2422.5A, Tobacco Control, be repealed and replaced with the revised Policy 2422.5: Substance Abuse and Tobacco Control.  

Both Policy 6200 and Policy 2422.5 will remain on comment until April 13, 2005. School administrators and parents are encouraged to review the document and make suggestions on improving the policy. You can find the policies by logging onto http://wvde.state.wv.us/policies/

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