School Nutrition Personnel Find Their Way To Good Nutrition For Children

November 03, 2004

Charleston, W.Va. – More than 100 school nutrition personnel will find their way to Charleston for the West Virginia Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Conference. The conference is scheduled for November 3-5, 2004 at Embassy Suites in Charleston.  

Throughout the three-day event, emphasis will be placed on the opportunities, challenges and decisions child nutrition personnel face while providing nourishing meals and creating healthy school environments for West Virginia students.  

Participants will learn how to engage educators and communities in the important work of improving students’ nutritional health and reverse the tide of childhood obesity. They also will learn how to ensure every school offers opportunities for students to be active and to practice healthful eating, as well as learn how to offer healthy snacks and meals that meet children’s nutrition needs.  

“The participants in this conference will learn to help students find their way to healthy living now and into adulthood,” said State Schools Superintendent David Stewart. “Good nutrition is a necessary ingredient to successful learning for all students.”  

The West Virginia Board of Education continues its focus on improving nutritional and active lifestyles for children. Earlier this year, a CD-Rom titled “Recipe for Success” was introduced to middle school principals as part of the Board’s healthy child initiative. The CD-Rom targets middle school students by having educators incorporate more nutritional and active lifestyles into their everyday lives.  

For more information regarding the conference, contact Mary Kay Harrison, Executive Director for the Office of Child Nutrition at (304) 558-2709.

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