The WV Department of Education Rolls out West Virginia Achieves Test for Limited English Proficient Students

March 29, 2004

Charleston, W. Va. - West Virginia’s limited English proficient (LEP) students will be participating in an assessment of their English language skills during April and May 2004. This assessment, the West Virginia Test of English Language Learning, (WESTELL), has been developed to meet the requirements of Title I and Title III of West Virginia Achieves, the state’s No Child Left Behind implementation plan. Those requirements include the need to show annual progress in English acquisition, involve all LEP students in English language proficiency assessment and report a measure for English language comprehension.  

The WESTELL will be given in addition to the WESTEST. Each of these two assessments measures different skills in different ways. The WESTEST measures students’ achievement in the content areas. The WESTELL measures LEP students’ achievement in English Language proficiency.  

“As a result of the WESTELL, we will be better able to determine LEP students’ level of English language proficiency and ensure that our students make progress toward achievement in all of the content areas,” said State Superintendent of Schools David Stewart. “For 2004, the test will be administered as a census field-test so that we can understand how the WESTELL works, and what its problem areas might be,” added Stewart.  

For more information about the WESTELL, contact Amelia Courts, West Virginia Department of Education, Executive Director, International Schools & ESL at 558-2691.

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