1999 Project on Racism Essay Contest Sponsored

October 21, 1999

The YWCA of Wheeling and the Martin Luther King, Jr., West Virginia Holiday Commission are pleased to sponsor the 7th Annual Project on Racism Essay Contest. The theme for this year's essay is: "One World: Peace in the New Millennium."  

The Martin Luther King, Jr., West Virginia Holiday Commission has a powerful commitment to the cultural and educational development of children throughout the state. The essay contest, conducted each year in Dr. King's memory, is consistent with his philosophy of tuning America and the world to constructive resolutions to the social issues which confront society.  

Students throughout the State are encouraged to REMEMBER, CELEBRATE AND ACT by taking part and bringing into view through the medium of written expression, the memories of Dr. King's dream: to make America and the world a place where equality and justice, freedom and peace will grow and flourish.  

Following are the guidelines of the contest:  

TITLE: "One World: Peace in the New Millennium"  

CONTENTS: Students describe "their dream" of establishing peace and harmony in a multi-cultural society in the year 2000  

CONCLUSION: How to perpetuate that dream in a world where all people and cultures are honored  

ELIGIBILITY: Any student in grades 1 through 12 throughout the State  

CRITERION: Students may submit only one original work. All entries must be typed, computer generated or handwritten in black ink on white paper, double-spaced on one side. Two pages in length is the maximum.  

A cover page must include the following information:  

Student's Full Name & Age Home Address with City, Zip Code, Phone Number Full Name of Parent or Guardian Full Name of School and Principal Full Name of Teacher & Grade School Address with City, County, Zip Code, Phone Number  

AWARDS & RECOGNITION: First, Second & Third Place winners will be chosen in three categories: Grades 1-5, Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12  

Selected winners will read their essay at the Martin Luther King, Jr., WV Holiday Commission Celebration, which will be held Monday, January 17, 2000, at The Cultural Center in Charleston, WV.  

Segments of winning essays will be presented on the award-winning radio program, "Tuesday's Child," which airs each Tuesday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. on West Virginia Public Radio stations.  

Each winner in all categories will receive recognition certificates.  

Submitting teachers of each winner will receive certificates.  

JUDGING: Winners will be determined based on the following: clarity, originality, proficiency, conciseness, relevancy and effective expression. Judges for all categories are comprised of distinguished leaders in the fields of business, education, the arts, civil and human rights.  


For additional Information, please call: Susie Britt, YWCA Youth Director at 304-232-0511  

Or email: ywca@hgo.net.

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