West Virginia Board of Education Seeking Comments on Transportation Policy

February 18, 2004

Charleston, W.Va.- The West Virginia Board of Education placed Policy 4336: West Virginia School Transportation Policy and Procedures Manual out on comment during its February Board meeting.  

The revised policy includes information regarding the Student Code of Conduct, Employee Code of Conduct, and the qualifications of professional employees transporting students in a county owned vehicle with a seating capacity of 10 or less.  

Policy 4336 will remain out on comment for 30 days. School administrators and parents are encouraged to review the document and make suggestions on improving the policy. You can find Policy 4336 by logging onto http://wvde.state.wv.us/policies/  

Also during the February Board of Education meeting, Policies 2520.15, 2444.4 and 3233 were approved.  

Policy 2520.15: West Virginia Early Learning Standards Framework will be adopted as of June 1, 2004. Policy 2520.15 establishes a framework for standards related to providing high quality pre-kindergarten programs with the public school system, as well as any program that collaborates with local boards of education to provide WV Pre-K services.  

Policy 2444.4: Issuance of High School Equivalency Diploma was revised to reflect changes in the administration of the General Educational Development (GED) tests. The policy establishes new passing scores, defines the official dropout date, allows testing under extraordinary circumstances and makes the policy more “user friendly.”  

Policy 3233: Establishment and Operation of Regional Education Service Agencies (RESA) details the role of the state’s eight RESAs.  

You can find more information about all Board of Education policies by logging onto http://wvde.state.wv.us/policies/  

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