NEGP Report: State Continues Educational Progress

October 15, 1999

West Virginia has shown significant progress in numerous educational areas and is among the nation's leaders in other areas, according to a report released by the National Education Goals Panel.  

"This report indicates that West Virginia continues to show improvement in almost all areas," noted State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "The report indicates that West Virginia is among the highest performing states in terms of high school completion rate, teacher certification and school safety, and is among the most improved in the percentage of public school fourth graders who are proficient in mathematics. This report confirms the progress that has been measured on numerous other assessment tools," he explained.  

The National Education Goals Report recognized West Virginia for being among the highest performing states in the following areas:  

The number of children with disabilities enrolled in preschool. The high school completion rate among 18 to 24-year-olds. The high school dropout rate in grades 9-12.  

The percentage of public secondary school teachers who hold a teaching certificate in their main teaching assignment. The percentage of public high school students reporting that they were in a physical fight on school property.  

In addition, the National Education Goals Panel Report, "Talking About Tests: An Idea Book for State Leaders," cites West Virginia as a good example of a state that communicates clearly with parents.  

The National Education Goals Panel is a bipartisan and intergovernmental body of state and federal officials created in 1990 by President Bush and the nation's governors. West Virginia Governor Cecil H. Underwood served as the Panel's chair in 1998.

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