ProStart Culinary Team Gets Cooking on the Food Network

October 17, 2003

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The special for October 25th is on the Food Network! The ProStart Culinary Team from United Technical Center in Clarksburg will be featured on the Food Network Saturday evening special “Varsity Cook-Off.” The national ProStart Culinary Competition will be featured on the prime-time special set to air at 9 p.m. on October 25.  

The United Technical Center Team won the state ProStart competition earlier this year at the Greenbrier. The team competed against other West Virginia culinary teams for thousands of dollars in scholarships to the most prestigious culinary schools in the country. That award also landed them a spot at the National ProStart Student Invitational in Denver, Colorado in April. The team competed against other school culinary teams from across the country.  

The Food Network production team visited the school before they went to Denver and videotaped Chef Brian Floyd, the team’s mentor and coach, prepare the six-member team for the national competition.  

“This is such a fantastic way to showcase the culinary talent that we have in West Virginia,” said State Schools Superintendent David Stewart. “To be featured on a national cable television program is something these students will remember throughout their careers.”  

The ProStart program is part of the West Virginia Department of Education’s (WVDE) Hospitality Education and Training program (HEAT). For more information about the HEAT program, contact Gene Coulson, WVDE Coordinator, at (304) 558-3896.  

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