State Board Approves Commission for Professional Teaching Standards Policy

October 15, 2003

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education today approved a revised policy regarding the Commission for Professional Teaching Standards (CPTS) during its October meeting. The Commission provides guidance and recommendations on matters of preparations, licensure and continuing development of education personnel for the public schools in West Virginia.  

Under the revised Policy 5050, the CPTS will expand its membership from19 to 21, of which three will be laypersons allowing for a broader representation. The State Board of Education will appoint the laypersons. Other commission members include classroom teachers of both elementary and secondary levels, higher education representatives, a county superintendent, an elementary school principal, a secondary school principal, a county board of education member and State Board of Education member.  

The revised policy also details that the Commission will report to the State Board on it deliberations and recommendations relating to the licensure and practice of professional educators. Prior language required the Commission to report to the State Board quarterly.  

“The Commission for Professional Teachers Standards provides the West Virginia Board of Education an invaluable service,” said State Schools Superintendent David Stewart. “The nature of work that this group performs plays such a vital role to the staffing of our schools.”  

During its August meeting, the State Board of Education unanimously appointed the newest members to the CPTS. Its new members include: Michelle Mercer, Susan Lawrence, David Takach, William Raglin, Tim Forth and Van Dempsey. These new members will each serve a three-year term and serve no more than two consecutive terms.

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