Board of Education Approves Funding for Nutrition Programs

October 01, 2003

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education approved earlier this month a plan that continues to provide nutritious meals to students in both public and private schools in addition to child care facilities.  

The State Administrative Expense Plan for Child Nutrition establishes the staffing plan and the projected budget for the state administration of child nutrition centers in schools, residential child care facilities, child care centers, Head Start program, family day care homes, outside school hours child care programs and adult day care.  

Child nutrition programs are funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and are primarily responsible for meeting children’s nutritional needs nutritional needs in both public and private schools, day care centers or Head Start centers, and other child care facilities.  

“Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle lead to solid academic success that will continue throughout a student’s lifetime,” said State Schools Superintendent. “I believe that to build a healthy lifestyle, it should start at an early age in both the schools and at home.”  

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) Office of Child Nutrition hopes to upgrade and expand child nutrition programs by increasing the menu selections, enhancing dining environments and modernizing the food service work environment. Other goals include ensuring attractive, nutritionally balanced meal services, increasing efficiency and accountability in food service operation, assisting student in achieving optimum performance and quality of life and improving the public perception of child nutrition.  

Good nutrition remains an important ingredient in the recipe for academic success. As part of its healthy child initiative, the West Virginia Board of Education and the WVDE developed its Recipe for Success, which encourages more healthful decisions by not only children, but also families and communities.  

Believing that a healthy lifestyle begins in the school, The West Virginia Board of Education participated in the West Virginia Action for Healthy Kids Team kick off at Piedmont Elementary in Charleston. Promoting a healthy lifestyle by combining physical activity and good nutrition, the group encouraged school officials to add more physical activity and better nutrition to the schools’ menus. Deputy State Superintendent Dr. Steve Paine joined dieticians and other nutrition experts from across West Virginia in promoting good nutrition and active lifestyles in the schools. Along with Dr. Paine, were State Board of Education member Priscilla Haden, House of Delegates member Dr. Dan Foster and WVDE Executive Directors and Coordinators Melanie Purkey, Rick Goff, Celeste Peggs, and Don Chapman. Members of the Action for Healthy Kids team who participated in the event included: Kathy Loretta, Vanessa Miles, Pat Kelley, Dr. William Neal, Eloise Elliott, Debbie Kilcollin, Christy Farley, Suzanne Lusher, and Helen Matheny.  

The State Administrative Expense Plan will take effect October 1, 2003 and will run through Sept. 30, 2004.  

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