Department of Education Fine-Tunes Statewide West Virginia Achieves Test

June 04, 2003

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Education is taking an in-depth look at the recently administered field test of the WESTEST.  

Fifty-one county school systems participated in the field test for the WESTEST. The WESTEST is part of the Department of Education’s No Child Left Behind implementation plan called West Virginia Achieves. For more information about West Virginia Achieves log onto .  

The WESTEST will be used during future school years to assess what students are learning. The WESTEST field test consisted of more than 33 hundred unique questions selected by West Virginia teachers. These questions aligned to West Virginia’s Content Standards and Objectives. The field test also allowed teachers and students to experience the question types in an effort to prepare for the WESTEST.  

Data from the student test results will be used to:  

o determine the usability of questions o set the standard in October 2003, and o make recommendations for score ranges for the five levels of performance based on performances of West Virginia students.  

Final versions of the WESTEST should be complete by late this year.  

For more information about the WESTEST, contact Dr. Jan Barth in the Office of Student Assessment at (304) 558- 2651.  

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