Good Eating Habits and Exercise Equal Higher Grades

May 09, 2003

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - West Virginia Board of Education members will learn more about the role that good nutrition and healthy lifestyles play in the academic achievement of children.  

The West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Student Services and Health Promotion will update board members during this month’s board meeting in Hancock County on the eight elements that make up the Healthy Schools Program Model.  

Through two of the elements, health education and health services, students learn skills to stay healthy. Simple activities, such as regular hand washing, helps maintain good health by stopping the spread of germs.  

Other elements include health education, which will teach skills to resist tobacco or drug use, and physical education. Research has shown that higher fitness levels are directly correlated to higher academic achievement.  

“A California fitness research study showed that children who were more physically active performed better academically and scored higher on their statewide tests, ” said Lenore Zedosky, Executive Director of the Office of Student Services and Health Promotion. “This is good news and we want to make sure that our kids get the full benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”  

Other elements of the model include health services, nutrition, counseling and psychological services, healthy environments, teacher/staff wellness and community involvement.  

For more information regarding the healthy child initiative, please contact Lenore Zedosky, Executive Director, Office of Student Services and Health Promotion at (304) 558-8830.

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