Department Receives Technology Grant

August 30, 1999

The West Virginia Department of Education has received a $167,000 grant from the United States Department of Education for the "Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology" program.  

According to State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie, the grant will enable students at four colleges (Glenville State College, Ohio Valley College, Alderson- Broaddus College and the University of Charleston) to collaborate with four school districts (Gilmer, Wood, Harrison and Putnam) in an effort to prepare tomorrow's teachers to use technology.  

"As part of this grant, teacher education students will work cooperatively with K-12 teachers to develop and to begin the implementation of an online instructional model," Dr. Marockie explained. "This model will include an instructional lesson planner, a conferencing feature, teacher home pages, a curriculum planning guide, events calendar and lesson plans that have been thoroughly reviewed for content, clarity and accuracy."  

Dr. Marockie said that participating colleges will incorporate this online tool into their teacher education programs, specifically highlighting second and third year students.  

"College students, college faculty, K-12 teachers and West Virginia Department of Education personnel will all be involved in this cooperative effort," Dr. Marockie explained. "This project will ensure that future teachers are prepared to use technology, that our current teachers have access to the latest information and resources available through the Internet, and that West Virginia remains at the forefront of education technology."

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