Hopkins Named As Director of the Year

August 20, 1999

Eddie Hopkins, Transportation Director for Mercer County Schools, has been named as the 1999 Director of the Year by the West Virginia Association of Pupil Transportation.  

Jim McKnight, a member of the West Virginia Board of Education, presented Hopkins with the Paul T. Stewart Award for Excellence in School Transportation during the 57th Annual West Virginia School Transportation Conference in Morgantown in July. The prestigious award is named after Stewart, retired State Director of School Transportation, who is recognized nationally as the leading authority on school transportation.  

"Mr. Hopkins has demonstrated exceptional leadership in managing the school transportation system in Mercer County and is truly deserving of this honor," said Wayne Clutter, Executive Director of School Transportation and Facilities for the West Virginia Department of Education. "He is not only an able administrator who performs invaluable service to the students of Mercer County, but he has also served on many important committees over the past several years that have had a national impact on school transportation."  

According to Clutter, the annual award is presented to a local transportation director who has exhibited outstanding leadership in managing school transportation in a local district. Clutter said that the Executive Committee of the West Virginia Association of Pupil Transportation considers such factors as timeliness in submitting reports, school bus inspection defect rate, compliance with policies, preventive maintenance practices and the training and safety practices of the local district in determining its Director of the Year.  

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