West Virginia Students Score Record High on ACT

August 17, 1999

West Virginia's 1999 high school graduates scored an all-time high of 20.2 on the ACT, the entrance exam taken by nearly 60% of America's entering college freshmen. West Virginia's highest score was in reading with 20.9, an increase of .2 over the 1998 score. West Virginia's ACT English score also increased over last year.  

"We are greatly encouraged by this strong showing by 1999 graduates," remarked State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "This score is indicative of students taking higher-level, challenging coursework that better prepares them for college success."  

According to ACT, Inc., research consistently shows that participation in college-preparatory (core) courses in mathematics and science is the factor most strongly associated with higher ACT scores. West Virginia students who take core courses outperformed their counterparts who take less than core and scored an average of two points higher.  

Nationally, the ACT composite score remained constant at 21.0. The ACT score range is 1-36. In addition to a composite score, students receive separate scores in each subject area.  

For more information, contact Beth Cipoletti, Office of Student Services and Assessment, West Virginia Department of Education at 558-2546.  

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