West Virginia Education Report Receives National Honors

February 24, 1999

West Virginia was one of four states to receive top honors for exemplary public reporting of education progress for its 1998 annual report, westvirginia@educationonline. West Virginia, along with North Carolina, Texas and Vermont, received the commendation at the winter meeting of the National Governor's Association (NGA) in Washington, D.C. Governor Cecil H. Underwood accepted the NGA "Chairman's Award" yesterday on behalf of West Virginia. The states were cited for their outstanding reports informing the public about their progress toward achieving the National Education Goals.  

"This award from the National Governor's Association validates West Virginia's significant progress toward achieving the education goals," said State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "The partnerships we have forged in West Virginia–among the State Board, educators, legislators, business leaders and the entire education community–have allowed us to set high standards and reach ambitious goals," Marockie noted.  

The national education goals were established in 1989 during an education summit in Charlottesville, Va. They address school readiness, school completion, student achievement and citizenship, math and science achievement, adult literacy and lifelong learning, school safety, teacher education, professional development and parental participation.  

A news release from NGA recognized West Virginia's report stating that "West Virginia makes good use of color, headings and graphics to highlight progress toward state education goals." The release also commended West Virginia's reporting on improvement in NAEP and state assessments, expanding the learning environment through safe and drug-free schools programs, expanding distance learning opportunities, and statewide staff development activities that focus on improving teaching and learning.  

"The State Board is very proud of this national recognition for West Virginia education," commented West Virginia Board of Education President Jim MacCallum of Madison. "The Board is committed to maintaining the highest expectations and standards for our education system."  

For a copy of westvirginia@educationonline, call the Office of School-Community Relations at 304-558-2699.

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