Thousands Turn to Site for News, Information, Job Postings

August 16, 1999

It's official: The West Virginia Department of Education's web site is a hit.  

People across West Virginia are turning to for information about education, as evidenced by the almost 60,000 visitors who have logged onto the site since its debut in March.  

"People are turning to our web site for news and information about the West Virginia Board of Education, for employment opportunities at the Department and school systems across the state, and for vital teacher certification information and innovative lesson plans," said State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "Our site has something for everyone teachers, principals, school system administrators, service personnel, parents, community and business leaders, reporters and even those looking for jobs in education."  

According to Fernando Ibanez, webmaster for the West Virginia Department of Education, the number of people visiting the site jumped from 1,200 in March to almost 18,000 in July. On average, about 600 people visit the site each day compared to less than 40 who visited the site each day in March.  

Ibanez said that the site currently contains job postings for over 40 county school systems, the Department of Education and three Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs).  

"We update information every day so that our site has something new when people come back to visit," he said.

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