State Board Moves Forward with Indoor Air Quality Policies

August 13, 1999

At its monthly meeting held yesterday in Pocahontas County, the West Virginia Board of Education placed on public comment two policies designed to investigate indoor air quality in public schools.  

The Board voted to place Policy 6202, developed to establish a formal procedure to investigate indoor air quality complaints in public schools, on public comment until September 20. The Board also voted to place Policy 6203 on public comment until September 20. Policy 6203 was developed in collaboration with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Public Health, and the School Building Authority of West Virginia. The purpose of Policy 6203 is to develop job descriptions and the employing agency for HVAC technicians who will investigate indoor air quality concerns.  

"We're moving forward with these policies so that indoor air quality concerns in public schools can be investigated thoroughly," explained State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "Across the nation, indoor air quality has become a major issue in public buildings."  

In other business, the Board received reports on several topics, including Project CATS, Education First, instructional technology, personnel, the Reading Academy and WV IMPACT. The Board also heard from Pocahontas County Superintendent James Phares, who thanked the Board for its leadership and West Virginia Department of Education staff for their assistance.  

On Wednesday evening, Board members and West Virginia Department of Education staff met with members of the Pocahontas Board of Education, school system employees and interested parents and community leaders to discuss issues and concerns facing the local school system.

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