Leaders of Learning Conference Agenda Filled with Informative and Insightful Sessions
Registration Continues Through May 17

May 13, 2002

Educators have only one week to register for the 2002 Leaders of Learning Conference, scheduled for July 22-24 in Charleston. This year’s conference will deliver outstanding sessions on such topics as new content standards and aligned assessment, reading across the curriculum, safety issues, and career development. Participants will find presentations catering to each programmatic level.  

To learn more about West Virginia’s Informal Reading Assessment, educators may participate in a session that will explore and explain the value of the aligned assessment as a guide to appropriate instruction.  

To emphasize the Department of Education’s reading initiative, sessions will enable participants to join their peers to learn how to implement reading in all their classes. Whether the class is science, physical education or mathematics, reading and its companion, writing, will be a part of every class. What better way to learn how to introduce writing in every classroom than from a group of peers?  

New content standards will soon be in place and educators can learn how to prepare their lesson plans and implement the instruction in order to meet these new standards. The areas of science, English language arts, and mathematics will be covered during the three-day event.  

Character education will soon be a part of every school’s curriculum and educators can take advantage a session that will highlight how to integrate character education into existing curriculums. Participants will receive examples of lesson plans and instructional strategies currently used by practitioners in some of the character education pilot sites.  

To spark the minds of all educators and promote healthier lifestyles, the role of health and physical education in enhancing of student achievement will be discussed. The session will center around how a coordinated school health program can help low performing schools raise test scores.  

Helping students realize their career goals during the high school years can prove difficult. Teachers at Preston High School (Preston County) have taken a team approach in developing “Introduction to Career Skills,” a program that is consistent for all ninth graders. Educators who participate in this exciting presentation can learn how this team develops its strategy.  

This is only a sampling of the exciting presentations and sessions that will take place at the 2002 Leaders of Learning Conference. Educators wanting to attend this exciting three-day event may register on-line by May 17, and mail their $40 registration fee by the same date. For more information or to register on-line, please visit the Leaders of Learning website at http://wvde.state.wv.us/leaders/

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