WV to Receive $2.28 Million for Teacher Quality Enhancement Program

July 26, 1999

State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie announced today that the West Virginia Department of Education will receive a three-year $2.28 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for a teacher quality enhancement program designed to increase student achievement by improving teacher quality. West Virginia is one of only 24 grant award recipients nationwide.  

The program, titled WV:IMPACT–Implementing Model Practices to Assure Competent Teachers, will target teacher preparation as a key element to ensuring successful learning for students.  

"This grant award will assist us in strengthening the teacher education programs in West Virginia and in increasing content knowledge and skills for educators," said Superintendent Marockie. "This should dramatically impact teachers who are new to the profession as well as our valued teaching force."  

The money will be used in four priority areas: energizing and improving teacher preparation, licensure and certification; holding institutions of higher education and teacher preparation programs accountable; reducing the teacher shortage; and enhancing the content, pedagogy and basic skills of both new and veteran teachers.  

The Department of Education will collaborate with Higher Education to: develop action teams that will review and revise present practice and policy in teacher preparation; offer specific content area retreats; and implement top-flight orientation and mentoring programs for teachers. "By engaging in these professional development activities, teachers will be ensuring that they are the strongest positive contributors to the academic success of students," Marockie noted.  

West Virginia will receive $762,310 annually for a three-year period beginning Sept. 1.  

For more information, contact Dr. Barbara Jones, executive assistant to the state superintendent, West Virginia Department of Education, 304-558-2691.  

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