166 Students to Participate in Governor's Honors Academy

March 22, 2002

CHARLESTON, W.Va -- Gov. Bob Wise today announced the names of 166 high school juniors chosen to participate in the 2002 Governor’s Honors Academy (GHA) July 7-28 at Marshall University. “West Virginia’s most talented students deserve the opportunity to sharpen their minds by working together,” Wise said. “The Governor’s Honors Academy gives them that chance. It’s a labor of love for the people who work all year to make it a success and an honor that each of these 166 students has earned through hard work and study.”  

Educators, business people and state government have worked together since 1984 on the Honors Academy. Its mission is to challenge students to grow intellectually and creatively in a culturally diverse atmosphere.  

Since its inception, nearly 3,000 of West Virginia’s rising seniors meeting the highest standards of academic excellence have attended the Governor’s Honors Academy. Students take two courses: the first focuses intensively on the individual student’s greatest academic strengths while the second expands knowledge in other areas.  

The Academy is managed by the West Virginia Department of Education, the state coordinator of Governor’s Schools and the Governor’s Schools Advisory Council. It is supported by Gov. Wise, the Legislature, the Department of Education, and institutions of higher education. GHA is one of three West Virginia Governor’s Schools.  

Following is the complete list of students selected for the 2002 West Virginia Governor’s Honors Academy:  

Barbour Zarin Ahmed - Phillip Barbour Ryan Murphy - Phillip Barbour  

Berkeley Maribeth Black - Hedgesville Nicholas Hansford - Hedgesville Grace Kurland - Martinsburg Gretchen Lloyd - Hedgesville James Miller - Hedgesville  

Boone Zachary Elkins - Sherman Kristina Isaacs - Sherman  

Braxton Andrew Facemire - Braxton County Aaron King - Braxton County Natalia Pawlowski - Braxton County  

Brooke Samantha Bonacci - Brooke Thomas Davidson - Brooke  

Cabell Layne Amerikaner - Huntington Jennifer Bartram - Cabell Midland Marc Houvouras - St. Joseph’s Andrei Popovici - Huntington Colin Reynolds - Huntington  

Calhoun James Bailey - Calhoun County Matthew Bonar - Calhoun County Jessica Gherke - Calhoun County  

Clay Ashley Greene - Clay Adam Simons - Clay  

Doddridge Eric Bee - Doddridge Shannon Mortensen - Doddridge  

Fayette Madeline Eells - Oak Hill Amanda Martin - Meadow Bridge Andrew Pinnick - Oak Hill Molly Rakes - Fayetteville  

Gilmer Ashley Echard - Gilmer County  

Grant Samara Bennett - Petersburg Stuart Hencke - Petersburg James Jeffers - Petersburg  

Greenbrier Cassandra Briggs - Greenbrier West Amanda Cole - Greenbrier East Laura Fitzgerald - Greenbrier East Ross Zahuranec - Greenbrier East  

Hampshire Brittany Hicks - Hampshire County Andrew Wilcox - Hampshire County Ross Williams - Hampshire County  

Hancock Jason Crighton - Oak Glen Jennifer Larch - Weir Lindsay Martinez - Weirton Madonna Paul Stewart - Weirton Madonna  

Hardy Krystal Arose - Moorefield Nathan Edgerton - East Hardy Andrew Yost - East Hardy  

Harrison Samantha Chapman - Bridgeport Leslie McNemar - Liberty Krista Rembold - Liberty Matthew Taylor - Bridgeport Sarah Zirkle - Lincoln  

Jackson Daniel Harrison - Ripley Andrea Marion - Ripley Krista Newton - Ripley  

Jefferson Rosanna Graf - Jefferson Elijah Green - Jefferson Jacob Green - Jefferson  

Kanawha Adam Castleman - Capital Jared Haynes - Nitro John Musci - Nitro Lisa Sayre - Riverside Brian Snelling - Charleston Catholic Sarah Sullivan - George Washington Luanne Yang - George Washington  

Lewis Christpher Garton - Lewis County Rachel Smith - Lewis County  

Lincoln Brett Hudson - Guyan Valley Stephanie Snyder - Duval  

Logan Robert Baldwin, Jr. - Chapmanville Kristin Neal - Logan Senior Ryan Thavaradhara - Logan Senior  

Marion Brandon Loughery - East Fairmont Robert Moore - North Marion Craig Schiffbauer - Fairmont Senior Rose Simis - Fairmont Senior  

Marshall William Gorby - John Marshall Mika Linsky - John Marshall Shannon O’Donnell - John Marshall  

Mason Racine Gue - Hannan Jennifer Kayser - Point Pleasant Joshua Parsons - Wahama  

McDowell Ashley Townsend - Mount View  

Mercer Paul Broyles, III - Princeton Kelly Harless - Princeton Brian McMillan - Princeton Amber Thomas - Bluefield  

Mineral Morgan Clay - Keyser Corey Kyle - Keyser Mary Webb - Keyser  

Mingo Ingrid Bohme - Williamson Ryan Donovan - Williamson Lindsay Fortner - Gilbert  

Monongalia Chelsea Brown - University Faroog Choudhry - Morgantown Christopher Oliver - Morgantown Robert Rohrssen - Trinity Laura Wilson - University  

Monroe Cortney Ballengee - James Monroe Tabatha Frazier - James Monroe  

Morgan Jessica Berens - Berkeley Springs Jacob Lynn - Berkeley Springs  

Nicholas Adrienne Adkins - Richwood Patrick Ferrell - Nicholas County Bethany Nichols - Nicholas County  

Ohio Brittany Artimez - Wheeling Park Elizabeth Hazlett - Wheeling Park Jonathan Mathieu - Wheeling Park  

Pendleton Kelly Sickler - Pendleton County  

Pleasants Amber Carpenter - St. Marys Lance Stanley - St. Marys Sarah Sweeney - St. Marys  

Pocahontas Nicholas Blackman - Pocahontas County Rebecca Dilley - Pocahontas County Micah Johnson - Pocahontas County  

Preston Kevin Briggs - Preston Jason DeBerry - Preston Jennifer Kelly - Preston  

Putnam Pradip Chaudhari - Hurricane Joseph Hanning - Hurricane Sarah Logan - Hurricane Andrew West - Winfield  

Raleigh Charles Donley - Woodrow Wilson Nicole Oakland - Shady Spring Laura Robbins - Woodrow Wilson Brandon Rumberg - Woodrow Wilson Christopher Zsoldos - Woodrow Wilson  

Randolph Sara Chadwick - Elkins Savannah Hull - Harman Nathaniel Lee - Elkins Amanda Shockey - Elkins Joseph Super - Elkins  

Ritchie Daniel Cook - Ritchie County Hannah McCullough - Ritchie County  

Roane James Atkins - Roane County Mark Higgs - Roane County Amy Williams - Roane County  

Summers Michel Reed - Summers County Patricia Smith - Summers County  

Taylor Ben Goff - Grafton Rachel Morgan - Grafton  

Tucker Jamie Canfield - Tucker County Thomas Hedrick - Tucker County  

Tyler Rachel Kimble - Tyler Consolidated Amy VanCamp - Tyler Consolidated Mark Wilson - Tyler Consolidated  

Upshur Jenna Harman - Buckhannon-Upshur  

Wayne Brandy Artrip - Tolsia Stephanie Galuk - Spring Valley Andrew Gillette - Spring Valley Oliver Napier - Spring Valley  

Webster Jeremy McCourt - Webster County Valerie Perrine - Webster County  

Wetzel Jayne’ Chapple - Valley Corey Slider - Paden City  

Wirt Loren Brainard - Wirt County Janie Coe - Wirt County Gretchen Egbert - Wirt County  

Wood Amy Bugyis - Parkersburg Jennifer Carman - Parkersburg David Earley - Parkersburg David McCullough - Williamstown Carmella Wright - Parkershurg Catholic  

Wyoming Joanna Adkins - Wyoming East Patrick Brooks - Oceana  

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